Recycling Today For A Greener Tomorrow

American Textile Recycling Services is the fastest growing textile recycling company in the USA. We provide strategic recycling and collection solutions for cities, municipalities, communities, shopping centers, retailers, churches, schools and many many more. Together our passion for cleaner communities, preserving our planet and supporting local non-profits is seeding a greener future for all. Here’s how:

Property Management

ATRS Service Guarantee approach is designed specifically to support and compliment the high professional service standards and aesthetic requirements of the clients that entrust you with their real estate.


Municipal Waste Recycling

With 5.3% of total Municipal Solid Waste generation is textile waste. We offer a program specifically designed for municipalities to reduce cost, generate income, and leave a very green footprint.


With Retailers implementing sustainability programs and reaching out to the community. ATRS provides a service that requires little to no effort on your part, that adds value to your carefully planned customer experience.


Non-Profit Organizations

With a hard economy raising funds has proven to be more and more difficult. ATRS provides a simple turn-key recycling solution and collaboration opportunity that helps you focus on the reason you opened your doors.