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ATRS makes donating your clothing, shoes and toys convenient 24/7/365. We believe textile recycling should be easily accessible to all. That is why we have placed thousands of donation bins in neighborhoods across the United States.


It's easy and convenient to donate!


Supporting local charities and communities.


All it takes is 5 square feet.


Helping communities here and abroad.

Donation Bins

American Textile Recycling Serviceis the fastest growing donation bin operator in the USA. We provide donation and collection solutions for gently used, unwanted clothing, shoes, toys and household items.

We make donating your textiles easy and convenient 24/7/365.

You’ll find our professionally maintained donation bins at shopping centers, major malls, local groceries, convenience and drug store parking lots. Hosting a bin is not only good for business, it is good for the neighborhood.

We believe donating should be accessible where we all live, work and play. That is why you will find thousands of easily identifiable ATRS Donation Bins in neighborhoods across the United States.

By cleaning out your closets and dropping off what you no longer need, you’re giving your unwanted items a second life while helping those in need and keeping reusable resources out of our municipal landfills.

Charity Donations


Neighborhood Donation Bins


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Our Growth

ATRS is expanding to more cities every day and serving our communities as the nation’s fastest growing donation bin operator.

Our Environment

We're committed to keeping textiles out of landfills, improving diversion rates in our communities and creating sustainable solutions where we live, work and play.

Our Programs

We are active participants, sponsors and volunteers at community events, making it easy and convenient to donate year round.

Our Impact

The work we do creates much needed jobs in local communities and emerging nations. See how we're helping here and abroad

Our Affliations

ATRS prides itself on affiliations with member organizations that strengthen community partnerships.

Our Careers

We are looking for qualified and motivated individuals who want to be part of our dynamic organization.

ATRS is committed to reducing landfill waste and providing a second life and second chance for unwanted garments and goods. There is an enormous need to share our wealth worldwide and provide recycled goods to those in need locally and in emerging nations.

- David M. Peganyee SR, Founder and CEO ATRS