The Big rebuild: How donations move from disaster to recovery

As Hurricane Harvey victims bravely return to their Houston area homes and begin the long rebuild, American Textile Recycling Service, a Houston based firm, kicks off its long-term disaster relief support plan. Recognized as the nation’s fastest growing donation bin operator, ATRS is helping temporary donation centers restock and redistribute supplies to year-round facilities serving evacuees.


“When disaster strikes, well meaning residents feel compelled to help and immediately donations start rolling in,” explains Debra Stevenson Peganyee, Chief Marketing Officer at ATRS. However, these public donations require hours of sorting and separating before they can be distributed at emergency shelter sites. “That’s where we come in. We receive these bulk donations, regrade and package them for redistribution to specific centers where the need is greatest.”  This way, disaster volunteers stay focused on serving evacuees while receiving exactly the categories of items most needed.



So far, ATRS has received donations from local temporary shelters like Lakewood Church, Catholic Charities of Beaumont, Holy Name Church, The Foundry and some as far away as Red Cheetah Moving Company in Indiana, whose employees volunteered to drive donations to Houston. These truckloads of clothing, water, food and baby care items were received by ATRS and delivered immediately to area charity Houston Area Community Service, a first responder in times of disaster.


The HACS facility is located at 1675 Brittmore is open daily and year-round providing clothing, sheets, pillows, towels, baby care, school supplies and household items to displaced families throughout their long-term recovery. HACS also provides weekly perishable and non-perishable food bags in partnership with the Houston Food Bank and low or no cost medical examinations for those in need.

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ATRS is also assisting with hurricane relief in the Beaumont Port Arthur area that was also flooded by Hurricane Harvey.


Now more than ever, supply chain partners like ATRS are critically needed to help temporary shelters, churches and local charities manage the donations they have on hand. As the need shifts from food, water, clothing and blankets to building supplies, appliances, housewares and furniture, ATRS provides an essential service to manage items donated by generous businesses and the public. The company’s 70,000 square foot facility at 10739 West Little York Road is a hub of activity as bulk donations arrive at the loading docks to be sorted, graded, repackaging and redistributed.


Founded in 2001 with a mission to serve people and the planet, ATRS diverts millions of pounds of textiles each month from landfill, supports a network of 24 non-profit organizations with monthly funding, and supplies affordable second hand clothing, shoes, household items, toys, books and other items to a global network of thrift stores, microbusinesses and charities for resale. This circle of demand-based reuse ensures all items go where most needed and nothing goes to waste.


How can you help?

Distinctive ATRS Clothing & Shoe Donation bins are easy, convenient drop off points for donations throughout the Greater Houston area extending to Katy, Conroe, Beaumont, Galveston and 11 other states across the USA. Every pound of gently used clothes, shoes, toys, household textiles and other items collected in Houston supports local charity Houston Area Community Service year-round. The facility relies on ATRS for monthly operating support and receives all its donated items from drop off bin collections. Clean out your closets and donate to support long-term recovery today!