• Mrs. Bolduc, Betsy Ross Elementary School

    Thank you so much for your amazing generosity to donate and fully fund my project. This is my first project to get funded. My 5th grade students are super excited to read a new book and collaborate with their groups to create a book trailer. My schools focus is technology so this perfect. My students have been working on using Google docs, slides and Goggle classroom. Creating iMovies

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  • Mrs. Argueta, Los Angeles Unified School District

    Thank you very much for your donation to my classroom. The amount of paper provided will help my students continue their education without having to worry about supplies! I teach in a low-income area, with above a 95% of Free-Reduced Lunch. My students should not worry about finances, yet many do when asked to purchase supplies for the year. I try and consolidate and ask the bare minimum, for I don't want any to feel that ...

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  • Ms. Borum, Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School

    Words can not express how grateful I am for you to donate to this cause. Since starting the Harry Potter club on campus, I see students talking about reading, wanting to read, and sharing their enthusiasm with others. I currently have 40 kids who are in the Harry Potter book club, and still everyday I am having students come up and ask to join, so they can read! None of this would have been ...

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  • Mr. Savage, Monte Vista Elementary School

    Thank all of you so much for providing my class with magnets to explore magnetism in our science unit. Science is so often overlooked in the lower elementary grades and we have so few physical items for the students to explore with. There also is no budget from the school district these days for us to buy science equipment so if we want them the money always has to come out of our pocket. My ...

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  • Mrs. Linne, Eisenhower Elementary School

    Dear ATRS SoCal: Thank you so very much for the wonderful playhouse furniture donation. The students and parents are very excited. I really appreciate your support to help make my transitional kindergarten a great year. Love, Mrs. Linne.

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  • Kathryn G. Kuczaj, Sam Houston State University

    A BIG thank you to ATRS for all your help!  We could not have participated in the College Move-out challenge without your company, especially at the last minute. Please let us know when you're planning to bring clothing and shoe donation bins to Huntsville TX.  We would definitely love to partner with your recycling team again. Thanks again and Happy Earth Day!

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