What People are Saying about us.

  • American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) has been extremely helpful in working with Michigan Humane Society.  They have gone out of their way to make special trips for collections, attend our events and hand out snacks to our friends as well as their furry companions.  ATRS believes in our mission and it shows.

    As Michigan Humane Society partners with animal control agencies all over the state, it is of the utmost importance that programs like the ATRS community recycling program continue to contribute so that animals in Michigan can receive proper care.

    This partnership definitely has been a great opportunity for both MHS and ATRS and will be for many of our local retailers like Walgreens, Petco and others.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

    Nicole Senczyszyn, Michigan Humane Society Event Manager

  • I can’t imagine how different my life would have been if I had these skills when I was younger!

    Student from HERO, Homeless Empowerment Relationship Organization

  • Our family has more doctor and hospital visits, more time off of work and more medical bills and wheelchair and prosthetics to pay for than a family with “normal” kids. Fundraising is very important to keep the cost of sled hockey to $50.00/year. All the ice is paid for, all the coaches are volunteers; the equipment is loaned to the players. My son and his friend were able to travel to USA Disable Hockey Tournament with Colorado Sled Hockey because the funds were there thanks to ATRS Clothing & Shoe Recycling.

    Teresa Lundquist, Colorado Sled Hockey Mom