What People are Saying about us.

  • Keep Scottsdale Beautiful worked with ATRS Manager Robby Milner and his team in Arizona to collect shoes for our Super Scottsdale Shoe Drive. We couldn’t have had such a great success without Robby and his team, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. He is truly a standup guy and ATRS is lucky to have him. Thanks for everything!

    Christine Irish

    DC Ranch Community Council

    Christine Irish, DC Ranch Community Council

  • We wanted to thank Ernest Angerstein from ATRS so much for how quickly he assisted us yesterday. Our little girl’s favorite toy was accidentally dropped in the recycling bin along with other items we donated. We called the 24 hour hotline, and Ernest drove all the way across town on a Sunday afternoon to retrieve it. The level of professionalism from every person that we dealt with was outstanding! We can’t even begin to think of how to repay you for your kindness. We look forward to using ATRS to recycle treasures passed down from our children for years to come.
    Again, we thank you!

    Ruben & Cassia L.

    Houston, TX

    Ruben & Cassia L., Houston residents

  • I was recycling Clothing & Shoes at the Walmart on Kirkwood and accidentally placed a bag with my medication in the bin. I called the 1-800 number and was quickly joined by one of your drivers, who was able to assist me. Thank you and your awesome staff for going out of your way to retrieve my items, it is greatly appreciated!

    Katherine B., Houston resident

  • Just wanted to thank everyone at the Houston office for saving my day! I accidentally donated my cell phone last Friday along with about 10 garbage bags of clothes to an ATRS recycling bin, and immediately called the 1-800 number on the donation bin. To my surprise, a really sweet and caring lady answered the phone and said she would have someone call me back within the hour. I received a return call in about 15 minutes from another very nice gentleman named Ernest Angerstein, who said he would meet me the next day around noon (even though it was a Saturday). My mom has been in the hospital since October 25th and was scheduled to return home today, so it was imperative that I had my phone. What an amazing company with incredibly kind employees! I thank you all once again from the bottom of my heart.

    Nicole Y.

    Houston, TX

    Nicole Y., Houston resident

  • Thank you so very much for your help today, ATRS! I was stranded after dropping my car keys into a recycling bin, but your Houston crew came to my rescue in record time. I know it was a long drive, and I very much appreciate your help and your kind, courteous manner. Thank you again!

    Sherri L.
    Tomball, TX

    Sherri L., Tomball resident

  • While recycling with ATRS last week, I mistakenly tossed my wallet – filled with credit cards and other important information – into a collection bin. Luckily, an ATRS driver turned it in to his office supervisor after spotting it among that bin’s donations a few days later. Rita, the office supervisor, went out of her way to contact my apartment manager, who passed the great news on to my husband and me. We were able to pick up my wallet from ATRS Recycling that afternoon, all thanks to one thoughtful driver! I can’t even imagine what could have happened had he not handled the situation so well; we’re both extremely grateful that there are still some honest people in the world.

    Lauren S.

    Phoenix, AZ

    Lauren S., Phoenix resident

  • Thank you ATRS! One of your employees did a phenomenal job and went above and beyond in helping with my recycling pick up.

    Houston, TX

    H.M., Houston resident

  • A BIG thank you to ATRS for all your help!  We could not have participated in the College Move-out challenge without your company, especially at the last minute.

    Please let us know when you’re planning to bring clothing and shoe donation bins to Huntsville TX.  We would definitely love to partner with your recycling team again.

    Thanks again and Happy Earth Day!

    Kathryn G. Kuczaj
    Traditions Camp and Outdoor Coordinator

    Kathryn G. Kuczaj, Sam Houston State University

  • American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) has been extremely helpful in working with Michigan Humane Society.  They have gone out of their way to make special trips for collections, attend our events and hand out snacks to our friends as well as their furry companions.  ATRS believes in our mission and it shows.

    As Michigan Humane Society partners with animal control agencies all over the state, it is of the utmost importance that programs like the ATRS community recycling program continue to contribute so that animals in Michigan can receive proper care.

    This partnership definitely has been a great opportunity for both MHS and ATRS and will be for many of our local retailers like Walgreens, Petco and others.  Your support is greatly appreciated!

    Nicole Senczyszyn, Michigan Humane Society Event Manager

  • I just wanted to express my extreme thanks and gratitude to your wonderful customer service teams at ATRS Recycling. My husband took a pile of our household donations to one of your bins and accidentally included a pair of my brand new shoes that I had received as a Birthday present. My well-meaning husband grabbed these shoes and tossed them along with the other donations.

    After calling the 24-Hour message center, Scott from the Dallas warehouse contacted me right away. He was so nice and said he would look for them, but that I was probably too late by one day (my shoes were donated on a Saturday and I did not notice they were gone until Monday morning). I called the 24-Hour message center once again and Ernie Angerstein from the Houston warehouse returned my call. He was so nice and caring. He handled my call for the missing shoes as if I had lost something worth a hundred times more. He kept in contact with me throughout the week with updates. He finally contacted me to say they found my shoes!

    What sounded like an impossible feat was handled with professionalism – and ATRS made it happen. Every individual I spoke with was so pleasant and courteous. From telephone operators all the way down the line, your employees are some of the nicest people I have encountered.

    I really appreciate the extra effort that Scott, Ernie and all the workers at your sorting facility went thru just to find a pair of shoes. As an employer, I think you should know that you truly wonderful employees!

    Kristen S., Dallas

    Kristen S., Dallas resident