Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Where do all of the recycled clothing and shoes go?

We love this question. First lets describe who we are. ATRS is a professional textile recycling company which encourages the public to recycle their unwanted clothing, shoes and toys. All re-usable items placed in our care get a new home. After collecting the textiles from our recyclers, we separate and sort items into useful categories, then send these to emerging nations who do not have access to or can not afford new clothing and shoes. A portion of the proceeds from the recycled clothing and shoes then goes back to help a local charity. It is a win, win, win. A charity receives much needed funds, clothing and shoes go to place they are needed and we help families across the US clean out their closets.


Are you able to accept my worn, torn and stained textiles?

Yes we can! While these unwearable items cannot be resold by local resale or thrift shops, ATRS accepts them all and recycles them into new products. Stained blue jeans are ideal for insulation, torn fabrics become cleaning towels or wiping rags and holey sweaters can be rewoven into thread, just to name a few. If you have clothing, shoes or other household textiles that you can no longer use, drop them off into your nearest ATRS Recycler to give them a second life.


How can I become a sponsor?

Great question! Please call us directly or email us your completed sponsor form. We currently may be in your neighborhood and would love to assist you. If you are a charity, or a property management company, land owner, business owner, school or church, we invite you to reach out to us. These recycling partnerships really work, see our testimonials.


I am one person, how can I help?

Let us answer with a thank you. Every one person who has donated their time, energy, and resources to a good cause has asked that same question in the beginning. Yes one person can make a difference, next time you clean out your closet please think of us. And if you can host one of our recyclers, come join the hundreds of your neighboring businesses that are already helping.


Can I donate my larger non-textile items?

Yes. Please describe in an email to us items you wish to donate. Also please include all your contact information. One of our Community Relations Coordinator will call you directly. Or call us today, we are here to help.