Mrs. Argueta, Los Angeles Unified School District

Posted at December 1, 2015 | By : | Topics : Charities,Schools,Testimonials

Thank you very much for your donation to my classroom. The amount of paper provided will help my students continue their education without having to worry about supplies!

I teach in a low-income area, with above a 95% of Free-Reduced Lunch. My students should not worry about finances, yet many do when asked to purchase supplies for the year. I try and consolidate and ask the bare minimum, for I don’t want any to feel that they can not contribute to the class.

Throughout the year, both grade levels (7th and 8th) will be writing at least 6 essays; that is a lot of paper! We as a school are pushing the limits of expectations so that our students will be prepared for not only high school, but for college. They are learning that in life, hard work does pay off.

We really appreciate your donation, and want you to know that your donation will help both in and out of the classroom. My students are now prepared for what is being asked of them, and knowing that it came from a donation, they are learning that there are good people in this world. Thank you for that life lesson.