ATRS hosts events throughout the year in all the neighborhoods where we live, work and play! Attending these fun community events doesn’t just give you an extra chance to drop off and donate throughout the year, you can also meet our Recycling Fairy and pick up variety of green ATRS swag. Visit each event page for dates, locations and other important information:

Earth Day

ATRS is a sustainability and philanthropic leader in the textile recycling industry, and we are proud to participate in Earth Day each year on April 22nd in all 13 of our markets. Earth Day is a significant event for us, as it provides an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of reducing waste and protecting the environment.

Each year, ATRS hosts a series of events and activities in our communities to celebrate Earth Day and promote sustainable practices. From community clean-ups to educational workshops, our goal is to engage and educate the public about the benefits of textile recycling and the impact it can have on the environment.

In addition to our Earth Day events, ATRS is committed to reducing waste in landfills and promoting sustainable practices throughout the year. As the nation’s fast-growing donation bin operator, we work tirelessly to provide convenient and accessible locations for individuals to donate their gently used clothing, shoes, and textiles. By doing so, we help to keep these items out of landfills and reduce waste, while also supporting local charities in need.

We are proud of our commitment to sustainability and philanthropy, and we believe that through our efforts, we can make a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve. On April 22nd each year, we celebrate Earth Day with the same passion and dedication, and we invite you to join us in our efforts to create a more sustainable future.

College Move Out

Colleges and universities host their graduations and move-out weeks between May and July, and ATRS places recycling bins on campuses across the nation to let students go green! Visit our Move2Recycle page for more information.

Back to School

Heading back to school in August or September? Donate last season’s gear while you shop all the best back to school deals when you visit one of our partner retailers, malls or shopping centers! Learn how you can ShopNRecycle on our webpage

America Recycles Day

This national recycling holiday was made for ATRS! Check out the list of places we are celebrating and take the Pledge2Recycle items you no longer need.