Earth Day


ATRS Partners

What is Earth Day?

American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) is the nation’s fastest growing donation bin operator . ATRS was founded with a profitable, global conscious mission to help communities reuse, renew and recycle clothing, shoes, toys and household goods. We provide easy and convenient Clothing & Shoe Donation bins in neighborhoods nationwide. We are committed to keeping textiles out of landfills, creating jobs here at home, and abroad. Our unique business model leaves an extremely small carbon footprint and a better planet for the next generation.

As a sustainability and philanthropic leader in the textile recycling industry, ATRS is sponsoring at least one Earth Day celebration in each of our 12 markets. Look for distinctive ATRS Clothing & Shoe Donation bins featuring our globe logo to responsibly repurpose your gently used, out of season clothing, shoes, toys and household textiles. Every item collected directly benefits a local charity and supports local programs and services in our communities. It’s a WIN, WIN!

Learn more about your neighbourhood #EarthDay event(s) in the interactive map at the top of this page.

Our Charitable Partners

ATRS partners with 21 charitable and nonprofit organizations across the nation, with at least one partner in each of our 12 markets. Your Earth Day clothing & shoe donations don’t just keep your city clean and green, they also help create funding for these charities. Many of these organizations would be unable to provide their community programs and services without the ATRS Donation Bin Partnership.

Hover over your city in the interactive map above to find out which charitable partner will benefit from clothing & shoe donations at your local Earth Day event!

It is all free and does not require any software installation. 

Donate Your Round!

ATRS hosts permanent Clothing & Shoe Donation Bins throughout each of our communities, so you can make every day Earth Day! Find your nearest bin by calling our 24Hr Hotline at 866-900-9308, or visit