How Your Donations Support Our Champions

By J.D. Brown – Guest blogger. ATRS Community Relations Advocate Colorado.


People often ask me: “Who do my donations help?”  My response, “Champions!”  Because in Colorado your generous donations of gently used clothes, shoes, toys and household textiles provide direct, monthly financial support to the Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation and the Colorado Sled Hockey teams.

The Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation is a local non-profit organization that helps people with disabilities participate in competitive team sports. It’s widely acknowledged that participation in team sports, even for able-bodied people, provides many physical and psychological benefits to athletes in the players.  For wheeled athletes, this opportunity is even more life affirming!

Colorado Sled Hockey was the flagship sport that started it all, and has been supported by the ATRS Clothing & Shoe Donation program for nearly 10 years.  This past Spring, Sled Hockey athletes won their third National Championship in a row and their fifth National Title in six years.  They have created an unparalleled dynasty in the sport, and have become the premier team in the league.  Two of their team members were part of Team USA that won Gold Medals in the Paralympics Games in Sochi, Russia in 2014.  And they have more representation on Team USA’s developmental squad, pursuing more gold medals following the Winter Olympics in 2018.

American Textile Recycling Service in Colorado is proud to support and sponsor this much-loved non-profit organization.  Families, parents, kids, municipal leaders and local businesses that support the ATRS Donation Bin program are happy to know that each donation of gently used clothing and shoes creates immediate impact – and the results are tangible and visible every month. So, yes, your donations really do go to support “Champions.”

Look for signature orange ATRS Clothing & Shoe Donation bins throughout metropolitan Denver and beyond. To find an easy, convenient drop off location near you, visit  or call the 24-Hr Hotline 866-900-9308. To learn more about the many team sports that the Colorado Adaptive Sports Foundation supports, please check out their website: