What’s in Your Trash? The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Takes A Look.

Posted at January 29, 2013 | By : | Topics : Blog

Did you know?

Most people toss out their worn, stained, torn, ripped and unwanted clothes with the regular trash. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), these discarded garments accounts for an estimated 13.1 million tons of textiles – which equals about 5.3% of our total municipal solid waste stream (MSW).

In 2010 an estimated 14% of textiles in clothing and footwear and 17.1% of items such as sheets and pillowcases were recovered from our city landfills and processed by textile recycling companies like ATRS.

So what does that mean?

Simply put these discarded garments are of great use to others when donated and recycled.  Your unwanted garments are given a second life and a second chance thru the chain of vibrant second-hand clothing markets and thrift stores locally and abroad, plus artesans and crafts people who reuse, rework and resell them. Textiles too damaged for second-hand use are processed for manufacturers of wipe rags and upholstery for the automotive and cleaning industries. The most damaged textiles are re-spun into thread and other post-consumer products.

The EPA estimates that in 2010 over 2 million tons of textile waste recovered from landfills. That’s 15% of the total waste generated by residents, families and communities just like you.  Want to help the environment? Donate! Recycle! Don’t throw away unwanted clothes, shoes, and household textiles! Give your unwanted clothing, shoes, toys and household items a Second Life.  Your donated items help to create jobs and opportunities both here and abroad.

Look for our distinctive ATRS donation recycling bins and help us create a greener tomorrow!