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Designing With Sustainability in Mind at ATRS

Posted at October 25, 2013 | By : | Topics : Blog,Green Living,Our Environment

ATRS recently hosted it’s first annual Open House and Tour. We were able to welcome many textile and waste management industry professionals to our corporate headquarters.

One of the tour highlights was our fabulous new office furniture from Steelcase.

We thought we’d give some insight into our decision making process for choosing Steelcase because our efforts in creating a greener tomorrow don’t end at textile recycling.

There are a few things that any business has to consider when looking into office furniture:

  1. Price
  2. Quality
  3. Comfort

We took it further

We went beyond the usual office cubicles and basic chairs to ensure that the total furnishings concept represents who we are as a company and provide the best experience for our employees and guests.

We wanted our office furniture to be eco friendly. We wanted recycled and/or recyclable materials. That only makes sense. So we teamed up with a company that holds the same core values for earth friendly practices as we do.

ATRS Conference Room

We wanted the lobby area to be stylish, comfortable and reflect the color palette of our corporate logo. We wanted a bit of a wow factor. We have recycled artworks on display (and more to come) and even included pillows with a recycling slogan. We wanted to make a statement as the fastest growing textile recycler.

We also wanted our employees to have office and work areas that allowed them to be efficient in their work while allowing them to be innovative and collaborative in their thinking. We went with shared tables in some of the offices and created small break out spaces for quick meetings between employees and/or guests. Check out the Steelcase website for more information.

Steelcase more than fit the bill for all of the things that we wanted in our office spaces. Their commitment to corporate sustainability really spoke to our values. Ensuring that our new office furniture worked with our rapidly growing staff and the diverse needs and tasks of each department we worked with McCoy Workplace Solutions, best known as Texas’ leading office furniture provider, and they did a comprehensive needs analysis.

We visited the Steelcase headquarters to configure and design a concept that matched our needs and spent some time at Steelcase University where innovations in workspace are displayed. The company conducts seminars on sustainability, shares new ideas on eco-friendly packaging materials and educates businesses on their sustainable products. One cool little factoid: Steelcase is working towards using mushrooms for their packaging to replace less degradable materials!
Quality is Sustainability

The high quality and timeless design of the office furniture from Steelcase will last a long time through many more expansion as ATRS continues to grow – that’s actually a factor we considered in choosing this line. This is something you really want to consider when making a major purchase of any kind. Quality goods mean you’ll use them longer and contribute less to waste in the long run.

Further, because of the materials used in Steelcase’s designs when we are done with the furniture many many years down the road we have the option to recycle those materials if we don’t sell them for someone else to use. Less goes to the landfill!