College Move Out

Make the Move2Recycle During College Move Out!

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What is Move2Recycle?

Join the campaign to Move2Recycle as we help universities across the nation donate and recycle during College Move Out Month. ATRS is committed to educating students about the importance of donating gently used clothes, shoes, bedding, towels and other unwanted dorm room textiles.

Students are encouraged to avoid throwing away dorm room items that could be reused, repurposed or recycled. Instead, ATRS provides easy, convenient onsite Clothing & Shoe Donation Bins to all universities participating in the Move2Recycle campaign. These bins are serviced by our friendly, uniformed. Each pound donated by students and school employees count towards campus diversion rates and supports a variety of local, national and international philanthropic initiatives.

Move2Recycle is a great opportunity for universities to meet sustainability objectives, practice social responsibility and cultivate a new generation of environmental stewards in the process. It’s a win-win-win!

Learn more about your local #Move2Recycle event(s) in the interactive map at the top of this page!

Interested in partnering with ATRS for College Move Out Month? Contact ATRS Marketing Manager for details.

Our Charitable Partners

ATRS partners with 21 charitable and nonprofit organizations across the nation, with at least one partner in each of our 12 markets. Your Earth Day clothing & shoe donations don’t just keep your city clean and green, they also help create funding for these charities. Many of these organizations would be unable to provide their community programs and services without the ATRS Donation Bin Partnership.

Hover over your city in the interactive map above to find out which charitable partner will benefit from clothing & shoe donations at your local Earth Day event!

Our Affiliates

ATRS is a proud recycling partner of Beantown Bedding, a luxury disposable linens service. Their bedding is ideal for college dorms and hotels, and it is easily compostable. If you don’t have access to composting services, please contact ATRS for recycling options. Learn more about this innovative product on the Beantown Bedding website.

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