What people are saying about us.

"The Phoenix Children's Foundation has partnered with ATRS since 2016. During this time ATRS has donated almost $500,000 to help support our mission. Not only has ATRS been a consistent partner monetarily they have also reliably donated their time to support various volunteer activities and events for patients and families."

Lindley Carlin, Corporate Development Officer, Phoenix Children's Foundation

"Michigan Humane is deeply grateful for our partnership with ATRS that spans over 11 years and has contributed more than $581,000 to our lifesaving work. Together we are building a more humane community, positively impacting the lives of 100,000 animals and 60,000 families each year.Our local ATRS partners Michael and Patrick have always treated our partnership with the utmost respect and professionalism. They keep in touch with us on a regular basis, presenting an accounting and contribution every month without fail. Michael and Patrick work closely with us to ensure Michigan Humane’s reputation in the community remains strong with weekly service and maintenance of their donation bins, as well as being responsive to calls for assistance. They even went to the extreme measure of retrieving family heirlooms donated by accident, returning them safely and creating an unforgettable experience and sense of good will with one family and everyone who hears their story!We appreciate that Michael and Patrick bring their marketing skills to the table to help us build awareness about our partnership and they regularly attend our fundraising events to engage with our network of supporters, which incidentally has resulted in the adoption of a pet putting them firmly in the category of “Above and Beyond.” Michigan Humane is truly proud of our association and relationship with ATRS and we look forward to continuing our partnership for years to come"

Deb Scola, VP/Strategic Relationships, Michigan Humane

"I am writing to highly recommend American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) as a valuable partner for our community. ATRS has established itself as a reputable business that adheres to all city zoning ordinances and follows the Code of Conduct set by the SMART industry association.ATRS operates a Clothing & Shoe Recycling Program that not only promotes sustainability but also contributes to important causes. By hosting an ATRS recycler at your property, you can actively support their efforts in diverting textiles from landfills and promoting a circular economy.Moreover, ATRS's program generates monthly funding that benefits various organizations and initiatives, including those dedicated to supporting victims of drunk and drugged driving. Byparticipating in their recycling program, you would be indirectly contributing to the provision of crucial services for affected individuals and survivors.I encourage you to consider partnering with ATRS and providing them with a space at your property to install their recycling bins. This partnership would not only benefit our community by promoting environmental sustainability but also make a meaningful difference in supporting important causes.Thank you for your attention to this matter, and I sincerely hope you give strong consideration to this recommendation"

Carla O'Neal, Development Officer, MADD South/Central TX

"The Clothing & Shoe Donation bin partnership raises much-needed monthly funding for Libby’s Legacy. By placing bins throughout Central Florida, the clothing donations will create revenue for our nonprofit organization. This funding helps provide free mammograms and comprehensive breast health services to our underserved communities. Since our partnership with ATRS began we have provided mammograms and all follow-up testing (sonograms, biopsies, and diagnostic MRI’s) needed to 423 women/men, diagnosed 15 individuals with breast cancer and provided each of them, patient advocacy and navigation throughout their journey from diagnosis to survivorship. It is because businesses and individuals like you, also choose to partner with ATRS that will allow us the funds to continue Saving and Changing lives in our communities."

Tracy Harris, Executive Director, Libby's Legacy Breast Cancer Foundation

"Houston Area Community Services is a 501c3 serving the Greater Houston area and surrounding counties. We provide clothing, shoes, food, doctor evaluation and care for families in need. Furthermore, we host a number of programs to include our Thanksgiving and Christmas program. During the Thanksgiving holidays, Houston area Community Services provides turkeys to families in need. We also provide hundreds of toys for the Christmas holidays for the children. We are pleased to benefit from ATRS clothing, shoe, and toys.

They provide much needed critical funding which is used to help operate our non-profit and much needed supportive programs. Support from ATRS makes a difference, every day, for the countless children and their families.

Special people and remarkable programs like ATRS bring our bricks and mortar to life. ATRS has played a major role in bringing all these things together to accomplish our mission."

Ernest R. Angerstein, Executive Board Member

"ATRS is a valuable partner for Grant’s Gift Foundation. There monthly donations from the program are hassle-free and allow us to provide additional resources and support to families in need. In addition to the financial benefits for our charity, the ATRS clothing donation program is also environmentally friendly, providing a sustainable solution for managing gently used clothing and keeping it out of landfills. This aligns with our commitment to improving the quality of life for families with special needs children in our community while also preserving the environment."

Michael Morgan, Board President for Grant’s Gift Foundation

"Dell Children’s Medical Center is honored to partner with American Textile Recycling Services (ATRS) through our Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals program. We are pleased to have the opportunity to benefit from the ATRS program and put these critical funds to use for the families we serve. The Board of Trustees, the Foundation staff and most importantly, the children of Central Texas, are sincerely grateful. Support from ATRS makes a difference…every day…for countless children and their families.
Special people and remarkable programs like ATRS bring our bricks and mortar to life. ATRS has played a part in bringing all of these things together to help us achieve our mission…to be a center of excellence dedicated to the care of children and adolescents.
We are achieving great things, and this is only the beginning. Because of partnerships like this, miracles will continue to happen…and lives will be transformed. Thank you for your generosity."

Megan Campuzano, Sr. Director, Annual Giving, Dell Children’s Medical Center Foundation

"American Textile Recycling Services has provided us with more opportunities to help our victim service providers increase their access to educational resources, which increases their ability to provide quality victim-centered services to those who have experienced sexual violence. They are helping to create the opportunity for more victims to heal from their traumatic experience, and we thank them for that!"

Monie Ballard, MPH, Executive Director, Arkansas Coalition Against Sexual Assault

"You are the reason for so many tail wags and purrs! On behalf of MHS staff members, the board of directors, volunteers, and – most especially – the animals, please accept our sincere gratitude for your support of the Michigan Humane Society’s Mega March for Animals at our four event locations in Woodhaven, Detroit, Milford and Shelby Township. Because of your total commitment of $10,000 as a Gold Collar Sponsor, the tens of thousands of animals who come into our care each year have been given hope for a second chance at life."

Kelly Roe, Regional Events Manager at Michigan Humane Society

"ATRS’s generous monthly support of Giving Children Hope is critical to us being able to feed over 1,300 families living in poverty each week. ATRS’s faithful support has allowed GCHope to serve more people while improving the services we are able to provide. Together, ATRS and Giving Children Hope are making a positive impact on those living in poverty. We are extremely grateful for ATRS’s support of Giving Children Hope and the people we have the privilege of serving. "

Sean Lawrence, Executive Director of Giving Children Hope

"Thank you so much for you and your teams efforts at Orlando International Airport. We appreciate your efforts to help us divert more from the landfill. Wanted to send a congratulations for ATRS’ big acquisition recently. Read the article this morning about your expansion into the Midwest. Hope it brings you more teams like GOAA that are looking to find long term solutions to textile waste streams. Your partnership with OIA is helping us divert waste from the landfills and keeping resources in an economic cycle for Central Florida. Thank you again for your help and enthusiasm in helping GOAA GREEN the Orlando experience!"

Jessica Wright, Project Manager of ecoPreserve

"Thank you so much for your amazing generosity to donate and fully fund my project. This is my first project to get funded. My 5th grade students are super excited to read a new book and collaborate with their groups to create a book trailer. My schools focus is technology so this perfect. My students have been working on using Google docs, slides and Goggle classroom. Creating iMovies will be a fun new experience for them. Without your generosity this would not have been possible. I can’t thank you enough for generosity."

Mrs. Bolduc, Betsy Ross Elementary School

"Thank you very much for your donation to my classroom. The amount of paper provided will help my students continue their education without having to worry about supplies! I teach in a low-income area, with above a 95% of Free-Reduced Lunch. My students should not worry about finances, yet many do when asked to purchase supplies for the year. I try and consolidate and ask the bare minimum, for I don’t want any to feel that they can not contribute to the class. Throughout the year, both grade levels (7th and 8th) will be writing at least 6 essays; that is a lot of paper! We as a school are pushing the limits of expectations so that our students will be prepared for not only high school, but for college. They are learning that in life, hard work does pay off. We really appreciate your donation and want you to know that your donation will help both in and out of the classroom. My students are now prepared for what is being asked of them, and knowing that it came from a donation, they are learning that there are good people in this world. Thank you for that life lesson."

Mrs. Argueta, Los Angeles Unified School District

"The DAV (Disabled American Veterans) Department of Indiana is proud to announce a partnership with American Textile Recycling Service of Houston, Texas. This new partner will enable DAV in Indiana to further our goals of providing a lifetime of support for Hoosier veterans and their families. Through the partnership, DAV will benefit from donated clothing that will support local service initiatives. DAV assists veterans by making sure they receive the benefits they’ve earned. In Indiana, DAV helps in the fight against veteran homelessness, operates a volunteer network that provides medical transportation to veterans and conducts community-based initiatives to improve the quality of life veterans, their families and survivors enjoy. Your donation recognizes the service and sacrifices of our nation’s heroes. So, when you see our bins, please consider donating."

Terry Sanders, State Commander of the Department of Indiana

"Words can not express how grateful I am for you to donate to this cause. Since starting the Harry Potter club on campus, I see students talking about reading, wanting to read, and sharing their enthusiasm with others. I currently have 40 kids who are in the Harry Potter book club, and still everyday I am having students come up and ask to join, so they can read! None of this would have been possible without your generous donations. Because of you, my students can continue to love to read and hopefully this love will expand into other areas of their life. Also, with them having their very own copy of the book, students can share their new found love of reading with their siblings and other students. Students have a sense of pride taking out their very own book from their backpack and engaging in the novel. I can’t say enough that this wouldn’t have been possible without you, and my students and I are very grateful for all you have done for us."

Ms. Borum, Animo Jefferson Charter Middle School

"I just wanted to thank ATRS for all their support over the past 7 years. It’s no coincidence that the tremendous growth of Colorado Sled Hockey has coincided with our recycling partnership. CSH has quadrupled in size and drastically expanded competitive opportunities for all our athletes. You have to travel to compete in sled hockey. Without the support of the clothing and shoe donations, there’s no way we could have won National Championships in two divisions this past April and had our third team playing in the finals. A bag of clothes may not seem like a big deal to the kind people who donate in the orange bins throughout Colorado, but it makes all the difference to our athletes. I’d love if you could post this somewhere as a thank you to everyone who supports the bins. Personally, my son has been involved with sled hockey since he was 6. He’s 22 now, and it’s made a huge difference in his life. He’s a confident young man working full time and attending online college. That just doesn’t happen without the lessons taught in team sports. Our program wouldn’t be what it is today without our partnership with ATRS. Thank you as a parent and as the President of Colorado Sled Hockey."

Bruce Grandchamp, President of Colorado Sled Hockey

"American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) has been extremely helpful in working with Michigan Humane Society. They have gone out of their way to make special trips for collections, attend our events and hand out snacks to our friends as well as their furry companions. ATRS believes in our mission and it shows. As Michigan Humane Society partners with animal control agencies all over the state, it is of the utmost importance that programs like the ATRS community recycling program continue to contribute so that animals in Michigan can receive proper care. This partnership definitely has been a great opportunity for both MHS and ATRS and will be for many of our local retailers like Walgreens, Petco and others. Your support is greatly appreciated!"

Nicole Senczyszyn, Michigan Humane Society Event Manager

"I can’t imagine how different my life would have been if I had these skills when I was younger!"

Student from HERO, Homeless Empowerment Relationship Organization