Charities vs.Landfills: The Case for Textile Recycling

Posted at February 6, 2013 | By : | Topics : Blog

If given a choice to make sure that local charities received great support from donations of unwanted clothing and textiles or whether landfills were continually filled with those same items, which would you choose? If you have said supporting charities, then are you making sure that you are not tossing out unwanted clothes?The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that in the U.S., the average person tosses approximately 70 pounds of clothing out with the regular trash every year. Those discarded textiles are then sent to landfills that are an environmental nuisance to cities and municipalities throughout the U.S.

What’s the solution to keeping unwanted clothing and other textiles out of landfills? Textile recycling! Donated textiles including clothing, shoes, bed sheets, curtains, bath towels, socks, etc. can have a second life! Whether converted into wipe rags for the cleaning industry or sold as gently-worn second-hand clothing, unwanted textiles can be used. And did you know that by donating clothes for textile recycling you are supporting local charities that receive generous funding to support their programs? Your donations make you a large part of the solution!

So don’t throw clothes, shoes, and household textiles away! Donate! Recycle! Reuse!

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