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  • Five Secrets to An Ultra-Green Mardi Gras

    Mardi Gras, the French phrase meaning “Fat Tuesday”, is a festive holiday celebrated throughout the United States between winter and spring. It is especially popular in the Southern regions, with the nation’s largest block party taking place in New Orleans. Traditionally, Mardi Gras serves as a day for Christians to enjoy fatty foods prior to the start of their fast for Lent, and its revelry has expanded to multi week-long Carnival-

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  • ATRS Green Gift Guide: 5 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

    Valentine’s Day is just a few weeks away: do you know what you’re doing for that special someone? If not, there’s still some time to get a game plan together, and we have the perfect starting point for you! Whether you are shopping for your partner, kids, or friends, our Green Gift Guide features five eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional choices. 1. Heartfelt DIYs

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  • Five Manageable Eco-Resolutions for 2014

    When making New Year’s resolutions, the anticipated time, energy and sacrifices associated with choosing eco-friendly solutions can be intimidating. But going green doesn’t necessarily have to mean making drastic lifestyle changes: there are plenty of small things you can do in the coming year that add up to make a big impact! Use these five tips to kick-start your new year as an eco-activist or supplement ongoing environmentally-friendly initiatives. Then, follow our

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  • Stay Sustainable This Holiday Season With ATRS’ “Green” Gift Wrap Tips!

    As the holidays are quickly approaching, ‘tis the season to stock up on wrapping paper and gift tags to help surprise our friends and family. For most households, these gift wrap essentials end up littering the floor before being swept into a trash bag and carted off to the nearest landfill. This year, however, ATRS wants to challenge you to make more eco-conscious wrapping decisions. To avoid wasting ...

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  • ATRS Third Annual Sponsorship of Katy YMCA Turkey Dash

    For the third consecutive year as official sponsors, the ATRS green team and volunteers were out in force early on Thanksgiving morning at the Katy YMCA Turkey Dash As always the Kids Recycling Race was a huge hit.  Kids raced to complete the recycling course in record time and won prizes from our toy grab bag (all recycled of course!).  A record breaking 10 official runners represented ...

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  • EMPLOYEE PROFILE: Market Team Manager Robby Milner Talks About His Wild Ride

    Guest blog entry by Robby Milner Early Beginnings Before joining ATRS I knew very little about the recycling industry. I did the normal separating and donating at home. However I had no idea of the magnitude and complexity of the textile recycling industry and how clothing, shoe and household textiles are collected, graded, sorted and redistributed behind the scenes. It has been a fascinating journey so far. We moved to Arizona from South Africa ten years ago where ...

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  • Every Little Bit Helps: Our Partnerships are Growing and Touching More Lives

    Supporting Families Affected by Drunk Driving ATRS is honored to announce two new charitable partnerships in our Dallas Fort Worth market.  We’ve expanded our partnership with Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), which kicked off at the recent Walk Like MADD 5K Race in Fort Worth, with sponsorship of the Shoe Memorial.  ATRS collected donated shoes for the display to commemorate the 1170 people killed in Texas in 2012 by drunk drivers.  A big thank you to ...

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  • ATRS Preps for America Recycles Day

    November 15th is a special day for advocates of recycling across the U.S. Many communities, organizations, and businesses will celebrate America Recycles Day in an effort to raise awareness and encourage Americans to recycle and buy recycled products. What is America Recycles Day? America Recycles Day (ARD) is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to encouraging Americans to recycle and buy recycled products. ARD is celebrated annually ...

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  • Designing With Sustainability in Mind at ATRS

    ATRS recently hosted it’s first annual Open House and Tour. We were able to welcome many textile and waste management industry professionals to our corporate headquarters. One of the tour highlights was our fabulous new office furniture from Steelcase. We thought we’d give some insight into our decision making process for choosing Steelcase because our efforts in creating a greener tomorrow don’t end at textile recycling. There are a few things that any business has to ...

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  • State Of Texas Alliance For Recycling Visits ATRS

    A brightly colored van pulled up in front of the American Textile Recycling Service Headquarters in Houston and out poured 40 eager attendees from the State of Texas Alliance for Recycling (STAR) Summit 2013. The group was part of the STAR Annual Convention, which was held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Houston from October 13-16, 2013. ATRS was pleased to exhibit at the conference, participate as guest speaker, and host the official ...

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