Benefits of Hosting


Doing our Part.

Did you know that 5% of what goes in landfills is textiles? Only 14.9% of clothing and shoes are being recovered for reuse. In the world of solid waste, textiles are one of the largest category of items filling landfills. To date, ATRS has diverted millions of pounds of textiles from landfills, and counting. Recycling has many more benefits than reduced land fill use, the chief of which are the conservation on natural resources, reduced energy consumption, and reducing the amount of pollution.


Creating Good.

Each recycler works as a seed of hope for a local non-profit organization. We proudly partner with many highly regarded 501(c)3 organizations nationwide. A passion for helping others was the spark that started ATRS. Today, our philanthropic roots work on many levels. First, the Non-profit receives anything they request from the recycled donations. It’s then collected, sorted and exported to emerging nations where it’s needed most. Reusing and reselling these goods creates jobs in third world countries and provides much-needed resources to those who do not have access to even the most basic household items or can’t afford new clothing and shoes. This process creates essential funding for non-profit organizations here at home in our local communities. ATRS has provided millions to 501(c)3 organizations in the last 5 years alone and counting.


Giving clothing a new life.

Textile recycling is one of the first recycling industries that was formed in the USA. Thru our unique business model, ATRS leaves an extremely small carbon footprint and a better planet for the next generation. For over a decade we have reused, renewed and recycled over 95% of all clothing, shoes, and toys received. Our eco-friendly sorting process reduces the waste that is going into our landfill. Unlike other clothing donation centers and “bootleg” collection boxes that simply throw away the garments they can’t use, we are committed to keeping everything we receive out of landfills

Join us with a commitment to serve the community and renew the environment. Together our passion seeds a greener tomorrow