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  • A Common Thread: Queen Creek Residents Launch First Curbside Textile Recycling Program

    We were delighted to attend the SMART annual convention in Phoenix this week, especially because we were able to meet some of the faces behind the textile recycling program launched by the town of Queen Creek, AZ. Speaker Ramona Simpson, Environmental Programs Supervisor for Queen Creek, was on hand to share details about this new program, called “Do More Blue”. Thanks to Do More Blue, residents can now recycle unwanted ...

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  • Taking Refuge in a City with A Special Mission

    We were honored to attend Raw At The COR, the Annual Gala at the City of Refuge in Atlanta last week. It was a beautiful celebration and gathering of key supporters, sponsors, city officials and volunteers all working to help one of the most worthy charities we have ever encountered. The City of Refuge is a special place with a very special mission ...

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  • Behind The Scenes at New York Fashion Week

    Mercedes Benz Fashion Week #NYFW has just ended in New York City and with it a flurry of models, stars and flashing cameras at the famed Lincoln Center. Oh the glamour of it all! The garment industry uses this twice-yearly platform to launch new lines, connect with magazine editors and promote the brands we all love and aspire to buy. But what does it ...

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  • The Circular Economy Explained

    The Circular Economy Explained

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  • Demand for Clothing Recycling is on the Rise

    Earth Day 2013 is just behind us. What a great week it was for community events, tree planting, neighborhood cleanups and much, much more! Make it Earth Day Every Day: More Americans than ever are looking to lower their family’s Eco footprint, reduce waste and leave a greener planet for the next generation. More of us now expect neighborhood associations and cities to ...

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  • Houston Wins Prize in Bloomberg Mayors Challenge – One Bin for All

    American Textile Recycling Services (ATRS) would like to congratulate Houston Mayor Annise Parker for winning a runner up prize of $1 million in the Bloomberg Philanthropies' Mayors Challenge. The idea: One Bin for All is a proposal that would allow residents to mix trash, recyclables and lawn waste into a single curbside pickup bin. Automatic sorting at a centralized facility ...

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