ATRS & WWRA Keep Michigan Clean & Green

American Textile Recycling Service (ATRS) and Western Washtenaw Recycling Authority (WWRA) have been partners since 2011. Together, the two are making our local communities cleaner & greener places to live, work and play! ATRS has clothing and shoe donation bins at 10 out of the 12 WWRA drop off sites.

ATRS collects gently used, out of season, unwanted clothing, shoes and other household textiles, while WWRA collects just about every household recyclable. WWRA drop off sites, located through Washtenaw County, have become a one-stop location for all your recycling and textile donation needs.

WWRA Men Marc Williams (Operations Manager), Michael Delancy (Recycling Technician), and Bill Walters (Senior Leader) help Michigan residents recycle instead of throw away!

Marc Williams has now taken on the role of Operations Manager, after his predecessor, Phil Bolyard, retired. Phil was well known for his implementation of the current curbside recycling program operating in Chelsea. Marc Williams has been with WWRA for nine years and has been running the operation since April 2016.

Since 2014, the amount of recyclables collected from WWRA’s curbside program has increased exponentially. Just two years ago, WWRA was collecting around 10 tons of recyclables a month from the curbside program. “As of today we’re collecting around 600 tons each month, with around 40 tons of that being collected from our curbside program,” Marc explains.

While WWRA can no longer recycle certain items – like glass, plastic bags and Styrofoam – it still accepts a wide variety of unwanted items that would otherwise become trash. Paper, cardboard, aluminum and plastic are collected at their drop off sites and recycled at their Werkner Road facility, while gently used clothing, shoes & household textiles are given a second life courtesy of the ATRS bins.

ATRS WWRA black bin

ATRS & WWRA share the belief that finding a new home for all your unwanted items should be easy and convenient. By donating into an ATRS bin at the WWRA recycling sites, elsewhere throughout Southern Michigan or across the country, you’re doing so much more than just reducing your landfill waste. This one simple actions also supports local charities like Michigan Humane Society, helps to create jobs locally and abroad and lowers your carbon footprint!

ATRS Founder & CEO David M. Peganyee Sr. says it best: “We are committed to reducing landfill waste and providing a second life and second chance for unwanted garments and goods. There is an enormous need to share our wealth worldwide and provide donated goods to those in need locally and in emerging nations.”

ATRS currently has Clothing & Shoe Donation bins located at 10 WWRA locations, including: Vogel’s Party Store on M-52, Webster Township Hall on Webster Church Rd, Unadilla Township Hall located in Gregory and Putnam Township Hall on M-36 in Pinckney. To find your nearest donation bin, call our 24-Hr Hotline at 866-900-9308 and a friendly community relations advocate can help you out!