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ATRS Green Gift Guide: 5 Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

Posted at January 31, 2014 | By : | Topics : Blog,Green Living

ggg graphicValentine’s Day is just a few weeks away: do you know what you’re doing for that special someone? If not, there’s still some time to get a game plan together, and we have the perfect starting point for you!

Whether you are shopping for your partner, kids, or friends, our Green Gift Guide features five eco-friendly alternatives to the traditional choices.

1. Heartfelt DIYs

Sure, you can give your sweetie a generic card or send your kids to school with the same valentines as everyone else, but why be boring when you can be sustainable instead? Use recycled paper to create personalized notes, or go one step further and upcycle old fabric into heart-shaped handouts!

2. Wine & Dine Your Valentine

Going the organic route is easy this year, thanks to some expert sampling by Good Housekeeping! Planning ahead will let you purchase mouth-watering fair trade chocolate assortments (in a heart-shaped box, of course) that pair perfectly with a top-of-the-barrel bottle of organic red wine. Hurry: get to tasting!

3. “Sow” Your Love

One of Valentine’s Day’s most popular go-to gifts is a bouquet of red roses (or another special flower). This year, instead of giving an unsustainable present that lasts just a few days, try making a long-term commitment! Plant a tree in your partner’s favorite park, or deliver some potted greenery to spruce up their office. Just make sure it’s low maintenance – especially if they don’t have a green thumb – or there could be some hard feelings.

4. Find a Furry Friend

Let’s face it: nobody can resist the cuddly face of a new puppy or kitten to call their own, so why not adopt one for your special someone? Each month there are thousands of abandoned pets that need new homes, and nonprofits like our partners at the SPCA of Central Florida and the Michigan Humane Society would love to help find your significant other the perfect V-Day gift. Visit them today to start your search!

5. Source Some Ethical Bling

With the huge controversy over diamond mining’s impacts on the environment and humanity, some may be tempted to steer clear of the traditional necklace, earrings, or ring route this February. If this describes you, check out some of the conflict-free jewelry designers like Brilliant Earth. With a huge variety to choose from, you’re sure to find a shimmery gift that’s perfect for any stage of a relationship.

If none of these ideas are quite what you were envisioning for your valentine, don’t be deterred from adding some green to your pink, red, and white! Our Greener Holidays Pinterest board features even more ideas for gifts and decor. ATRS wishes you all a fun and eco-friendly V-Day!