7 Tips to Celebrate Red, White, Blue & Green This Independence Day

Happy Independence Day! It’s the perfect time of year to gather your friends and family and celebrate the gift of freedom. But there’s no reason you can’t be eco-friendly without sacrificing any fun! With these 7 tips, you can throw some green into your weekend festivities of red, white and blue:

July 4 Blog

Lose the disposables. For parties with a large guest list, disposable plates, utensils and cups are so easy & convenient – but not great for the planet. If washing your own dishes in an energy efficient dishwasher doesn’t sound appealing and you must go the disposable route, consider using biodegradable dishes that won’t fill up our landfill!

Get outdoors. Want to lessen your footprint? Take it outside! Host your Fourth of July get together at the park, throw a pool party or have a barbecue in the comfort of your own backyard. No matter what, outdoor celebrations will reduce your energy use and costs.

Green your grilling. Despite the fragrant plumes of barbecue smoke & ash that lingers in the air, grilling can be relatively eco-friendly if you plan ahead! Consider using a propane gas grill to reduce your carbon footprint by at least half that of a charcoal grill. If you can’t forgo that charcoal flavor, try using coconut shell charcoal or natural hardwood charcoal as a sustainable alternative.

Toast with a keg instead of cans and bottles. Let’s be realistic: Nothing says freedom like beer! Instead of hauling cases of cans and six-packs of bottles, switch the individual packaging out for a keg. This is usually cheaper overall & you’ll end up with less waste.

Save & reuse your décor. Patriotic colors and decorations stay the same every Fourth of July, so why not save your streamers, table toppers and party favors? Décor can be used again and again every year, whether it’s by you or someone you know!

Spark green fireworks. It’s challenging to celebrate Independence Day without the fireworks to go along with it. If you’re thinking of lighting up the night sky, substitute your traditional fireworks for something less impactful, like sparklers. Another alternative is nitrogen rich fireworks, which release less smoke into the atmosphere. Or just skip purchasing them altogether and instead enjoy your local fireworks show!

Recycle what you can. This should be a no-brainer. If you did happen to opt for plastic flatware and utensils along with beer cans and glass bottles, remember that all of these are recyclable! Set out clearly marked bins at your party for your guests to sustainably dispose of their single-use items. Round up all of the recyclables and drop them off at their proper facilities.


Got another tip? Use the hashtag #SummerOfGiving to share with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram! Show us how you’re donating your gently used, out of season clothing & shoes to have an even greener red, white and blue holiday.